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Inspection Services    Our Inspection Services for the construction industry are tailored to provide on site inspections to the residential, commercial, renovation, and design build sectors of the industry.  Our staff perform compliance inspections based on prepared and approved design drawings and the accompanying specifications for a particular project, and report the findings back to the client directly in the form of a formal report.  The reports are structured to meet the most common inspection items found in civil engineering type constructions, and can be custom tailored for other items or issues the client needs to have added to the report.

Our reports are good for clients who have jobs/contracts that require:
  • Progress Payment Reports
  • Quality Assurance and Deficiency Reports
  • Follow up reports on deficiencies, change of work orders, design changes, municipal regulations requiring reports
  • Verification of field installations and specifications for new product field modeling
  • Specialized Inspections and Reports designed in concert with the clients needs
For the Residential Home Inspection Service we provide Industry Standard Inspection forms for our inspection findings in accordance with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  Our inspections are conducted using visual and specific equipment assessments, but does not include any destructive or non-destructive testing on materials or constructions related to our work or findings.  We can suggest which standards apply to the specific conditions or materials in question but the client is responsible for having any testing and remedial work done to correct any issues on their own accord. 

For our inspections to be effective we must have full access to the property and areas of the home during the inspection and we prefer to have the client or his/her agent at the site for legal and safety reasons.  The only exception would be on a new (pre-possession) or vacant home where there is no chance of damaging furniture, personal belongings, or persons/animals within the homes, and each case would be assessed individually at the time of the inspection request.

Civil & Construction Technology Services    Our Civil and Construction Technology Services have been structured to service the residential, renovation, commercial, architectural, engineering, and product supply sectors of the construction industry.  With the fast pace of new product developments and building standards for the construction industry it is difficult for all contractors, architects, engineers and suppliers to keep up to date with what these advances are and how they can be implemented properly.  That's where DEW Technology Centre® comes into the picture.

Many of our staff have worked within the various sectors of the construction industry bringing with them a vast amount of knowledge and experience in these new technologies and their applications.  Knowing what is required and how to achieve this requirement with the myriad of material choices available on the market are two very different things.  We can assist our clients by putting our experience and knowledge together to come up with the most efficient method of achieving the desired result. 

This being said, our role is to help you put your designs in motion by providing our expertise with these technologies and applying them toward constructions for such things as green roofing, planters/roof gardens, foundation drainage, moisture control systems for mold control, soil filtration using Geosynthetics,  and ground water control to name a few.  We can provide you with specific design details to accommodate these new technologies and integrate them into your designs by working directly with manufacturers to ensure that your designs meet the most demanding needs and specifications as provided by organizations such as LEED™, Built Green™ and other green building initiatives.

Our experience with new technologies for civil technology uses includes:
  • Green Roofs, Roof Top Planters, Parking Structures w/Planters
  • Foundation Subterranean drainage using geocomposite membranes
  • Bored Tunnels using High Density Polyethylene panning and drainage liners
  • Open Construction Tunneling using Geocomposite drainage matts and emulsified (water based) waterproofing
  • Sports Fields using pre-manufactured drainage systems
  • Radon/Methane Gas Venting using HDPE Dimple under slab sheeting and footing vents
Our goal is to assist our clients in attaining their goal which is providing their client with designs and construction that meet the newest requirements for efficiency, dependability, sustainability, and reduced construction costs.  Let DEW Technology Centre™ introduce you to some of the newest technologies being utilized and how to make them part of your project.

Product Development and Assessment    Getting a new or existing product ready to go to market for the construction industry can be a daunting task, especially when considering the engineering costs over and above the development costs that you have expended just getting to the production stage. 

The Building Codes and Material Standards (ASTM, CGSB, ULC etc.) which govern the products use as a construction material can be a complex process which demands an understanding of the Codes and Standards, and the product Evaluation Process required by Code Authorities through Government or Independent Bodies. 

DEW Technology Centre® has valuable knowledge and extensive experience with these Authoritative Bodies (Canada, USA, EU), and the process necessary to get your product tested, assessed, and evaluated to fast track your product to market without all of the hassles of trying to understand which Standard Applies to your product, which Code Section your product will be tested for, what material attributes the testing agency will be looking at, and how to troubleshoot situations where a product may not meet a particular section of a test procedure and allow you to go forward with your product approval.

We can work closely with your own product development engineers and allow them to be more efficient and effective by following through with the product evaluation process, which can take the form of making the actual application on your company's behalf, right through testing and evaluation by the Authoritative Body until you receive you product approval.  This way you know your product will be listed in the Government Product Listing of Approved materials and will satisfy the Building Code requirement for product quality and performance and conformity to Code requirements.

Let DEW Technology Centre® help your company stand out in the construction industry by getting your new product Evaluated and Approved, and fast track your "to market" time frame.


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